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 The Types of Cards

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PostSubject: The Types of Cards   Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:57 pm

~ The Many Types of Cards ~

Monsters are creatures with various Attack points/Defense points and effects.

Normal Monsters
Normal Monsters are considered any monster with no specified effect and are colored yellow around the card. Normal Monsters contain flavor text in their text box, which is just an interesting description, and doesn't affect the flow of the game.

Effect Monsters
Effect Monsters are monsters which have some form of effect that affect the game within their text box, and are colored brown. Effect Monsters will have effects that affect certain cards differently, or activate at different times depending on condition, and most often, next to their type it says "/Effect]".

Spell Cards
Spell Cards are cards with a turquoise color. They have a huge array of effects ranging from Ritual Spells used to summon tough monsters, to Continuous Spells that stay on the field until destroyed or Quick Spells which can be activated/chained during your turn while in the hand, or activated/chained on the opponent's turn after being set during yours. The most basic spells don't have any important symbols, and there is no limit to how many Spell Cards you may play from your hand. Quick Spells are Spell Speed 2 and all other Spells are Spell Speed 1.

Trap Cards
Trap Cards are colored Redish Violet around the card. These traps can vary in type, from Continuous Traps that stay face-up until destroyed, to Counter Traps which are normally used against other traps, and boast a Spell Speed of 3, the current highest Spell Speed. Trap Cards cannot be activated directly from the hand. You must first set them face-down and then during your opponent's turn, or your next turn afterwards can you activate/chain your trap cards. There is no limit to how many traps you may set on a turn, given you have room in your Spell/Trap Zone. All Traps besides Counter Traps are Spell Speed 2.

That's all for card types.
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Jin Kazama

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PostSubject: Re: The Types of Cards   Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:06 pm

Looks like a solid article. I would have liked for you to go through the different kinds of monsters, magic and traps but I don't think much is lost.

9/10 for this one.
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The Types of Cards
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