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PostSubject: Key Rules (REQUIRED TO READ)   Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:19 pm

These rules are here to keep this forum organized and an enjoyable experience for every member.

1:Grammar: Please use correct grammar. It isn't too much to ask. "Being lazy" isn't an excuse nor does saying "I type faster" excuse you from typing like a one-legged chicken. If everyone can read each other's posts, everyone's happy. If you make major spelling mistakes, I'll personally fix it for 25 scholar points. I will send you a warning PM if I have to do it a ton on a single user.

2:Double Posting: You cannot double post. Use the edit button. I'm strictly enforcing this.

3:Be Respectful and Polite to Your Peers: I shouldn't even bring this up. You guys are mature enough to respect each other. So please, play nice.

4:Signatures/Avatars: Avatars will have a maximum of 150x150 and signatures are 400x175 maximum. Will be enforcing this.

5:Distasteful Images/Text: Please do not post anything pornographic or generally offensive ANYWHERE.

6:Spamming: Don't do it. Just don't.

7:No Drama: Have something personal? Take it to PM. No one on the forum wants to hear a sob story or some sort of annoying and irrelevant complaint.

8: Back-Seat Modding: No one likes it when you do this. Just contact a real Moderator to help you with a problem.


The warning system is three strikes and you're out. But depending on how bad the offense is you may get more strikes at one time.

One strike: Day ban.
Two strikes: Week ban.
Three Strikes: Permanent Ban.
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